I wrote a short research paper on interface design in music software.

Traditionally user interfaces for music software have been directly based on the literal signal processing technology behind it, in that terminology such as oscillators, filters and the like are almost ubiquitous in software instruments. I thought it would be interesting to see if it was possible to create a synthesizer that worked only with aesthetic parameters instead of technical ones.

In an attempt to examine the viability of an alternate approach to the problem of music software interface design, I conducted a controlled experiment testing the same synth in two different packagings. Based on quantitative data gathered as well as interviews with the test subjects, which I since coded and analysied as qualitative data, I learned a lot about designing interfaces for synthesizers and effects.

If you’re interested, the full paper (in Danish) can be read here:

Interfacedesign i musiksoftware: abstraktioner af signalbehandling